Hey guys!

I am back! I know it has been 20 exact days since I have blogged but I decided I wasn't going to force myself to blog. I've been really busy with school and work. School just started on Monday and these past two weeks I've been working non-stop. Besides today my last day off was August 20th... I got called in on the 21st (supposed to have been my second day off that week) and I have been working ever since. Now, some of you may be like... "Why complain? No one wants to hear it." I agree but this is my blog and I will do what I so please thank you.

Anyway, I work at a bank where the hours go from 8:30am until 6:30pm-7:30pm CDT (and if something goes wrong or keeps us late 8:30-9pm). I have to wake up at 7:25am at the latest and leave by 7:45am at the latest... And I am gone for at least 12 hours a day. The work isn't that hard as we aren't really all that busy most of the time but it is mentally draining knowing you are outside of the house and just sitting there for hours and hours on end. The bank I work at is inside Wal-Mart so we have to listen to all of the baby's cry... Screaming kids, and the beeping of those checkers day in and day out... It is annoying but you learn to tune it out.

I have also opened a new directory/hosting website. While the hosting section is small it is mainly a directory. It is called Domainate Directory because we want to dominate the domain directories out there! I thought the name was clever and cute at the same time. Check it out => http://dominate.pw/.